It’s tax deadline day here in the U.S., and this year, countless dozens of disgruntled CNBC fans are going out to protest government spending by having what they’re calling “tea parties.” The “teabagging” joke has already been made too many times for it to be funny here.

I’m confused on two issues, though. First, why are people lining up to be on Rick Santelli’s side?

He’s this guy.

Basically Michael Douglas from Wall Street:

I guess I’ve been reading this whole thing wrong — the real victims are stockbrokers and traders.

Also, wasn’t the original Tea Party done to protest the American colonies’ lack of representation in the English parliament? I don’t see how that really applies here — I seem to remember an election going on a few months ago.

Final note — I’ve heard a few people claim that this isn’t a “Republican or Democrat thing.” Well, the “Tea Party” being held in my town is going on at the county GOP headquarters. I’ll be interested to see how many Democrats show up.