I can’t claim that I’ve been busy because I haven’t. The semester is over, I wound up with a surprisingly decent GPA, and now I am half-heartedly looking for a job. Burger-flipping may be in the offing.

A couple things I need to address at some point — the president’s and former vice president’s speeches on national security Thursday is a major one. I came away from Obama’s reassured in the principles he is operating under (the idea of coequal branches of government, that the executive is bound by the decisions of the judiciary — you know, novel ideas like those) and from Cheney’s… well, was anybody really surprised by Dick Cheney’s 9/11 scare-fest? The speech was, on its face, repellent, and certain writers (who I won’t link to yet) have pointed out the blatant lies and half-truths he used in justifying his torture program (as well as, um, everything else the Bush administration did).

Another issue I should probably get some thoughts down on is atheism. I’ve wound up in a couple discussions about this since my last post, and it’s probably time to approach the subject — particularly after watching Dinesh D’Souza “debate” Daniel Dennett. D’Souza, in addition to being a big fan of Jesus, is also a fan of red herrings, straw men, and filibustering.

But that’s all stuff for later. I’m off for a run.